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WEBSTART´08 - Zagreb   


Web.Start is the first regional conference catering to the authors of Web projects, aiming to help them realize or improve their projects and helping them reach the knowledge and contacts that will help hem position themselves on the market, fund their projects and achieve success.

Also, the conference works the other way around as well, giving the funds and investors a chance to scout the potentials of the local Web community by checking the existing and upcoming projects.

Thanks to the speakers and attendees, this conference will pose many questions but also provide many answers. Web.Start aims to mark a beginning of the formation of a new generation of successful Web projects in the region, as well as creating a new industry. Web.Start conference — the future has begun! What are the topics of Web.Start?

Web.Start lasts for two days, which are divided into a Tech.Day and a Biz.Day.

The focus of Tech.Day is, as the name implies, various technology topics related to Web development. More specifically, this includes topics on server-side Web development, client-side Web development, mobile technologies and other related issues.

The Biz.Day focuses on business side of the Web — from more general e-business, marketing and managerial topics to especially issues related to starting a Web business, such as business planning, investments etc.

Besides the main presentatios and keynotes, Web.Start also hosts brief, 10-minutes presentations from interesting Web startups from the region, and there are also separate rooms available for more private ad-hoc meetings.


Tech.Day - May 08

The program of the first conference day will consist of speeches and presentation focusing on technical themes related to development and usage of Web applications, but also to various practical topics useful when founding and growing a Web startup. The topics will include presentations of upcoming technologies, specific advice for better usability and stability, experiences in selling and marketing Web applications, etc.

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Vuk Ćosić Vuk Ćosić
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Biz.Day - May 09

The second day of the conference is devoted to the business aspect of Web applications, specifically to managing and funding of startups. Various venture capital funds and other investors will present the funding options, and there will also be specific experiences and advice.

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flagPanel discussion: Venture Capital in the RegionPanel discussion: Venture Capital in the Region
Ondřej Bartoš, Jozsef Kover, et al. Ondřej Bartoš, Jozsef Kover, Blaž Kos, Dan Lupu, Reshma Sohoni, Jonathan Cooper

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