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W3C Workshop 2011 - Limerick   

W3C Workshop: A Local Focus for the Multilingual Web, Limerick 2011

As with the previous events, the workshop brings together speakers and participants with an interest in best practices and standards aimed at helping content creators, localizers, tools developers, and others meet the challenges of the multilingual Web. It provides further opportunities for networking across communities that span the various aspects involved.

While the themes for this workshop remain broad, we would particularly encourage contributions related to standards and best practices aimed at localization of Web content. As before, we are looking for a wide spectrum of issues, ranging from blogs and social networking sites to localization of large corporate or organizational enterprises.

We are particularly interested in speakers who can identify gaps in current standards and best practices related to the mutilingual Web, and propose opportunities for addressing those. With these workshops, the European Commission wishes to promote widespread adoption of novel, innovative solutions, workflows and approaches, and stimulate discussion on and concrete proposals for future EU-funded actions in the field of multilingual technologies.

The workshop is expected to attract a broad set of stakeholders, including managers and practitioners working in the areas of content development, design, localization, and production management; developers of tools such as translation tools, content management systems, editors, etc; researchers and developers working with language technology and resources; browser implementors; standards and industry body representatives; and many more. The interchange of information and perspectives from this diverse group is expected to provide a more thorough picture of the existing landscape for multilingualism on the Web, and was one of the successes of the previous workshops.

More about the event at W3C Workshop Limerick.

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Workshop opening and welcome




[syn]  4779 views, 11:29  
flagCreators Q&A sessionCreators Q&A session
Danielle Boßlet, Lise Bissonnette Janody, Charles McCathieNevile Danielle Boßlet, Lise Bissonnette Janody, Charles McCathieNevile



[syn]  4930 views, 05:03  
flagMachines Q&A sessionMachines Q&A session
Sebastian Hellmann, Yoshihiko Hayashi Sebastian Hellmann, Yoshihiko Hayashi


[syn]  4912 views, 02:28  
flagUsers Q&A sessionUsers Q&A session
Alexander O'Connor, Olaf-Michael Stefanov, Reza Keschawarz Alexander O'Connor, Olaf-Michael Stefanov, Reza Keschawarz


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