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Information Society 2011 - Ljubljana   

14th International Multiconference on Information Society, Ljubljana 2011

The information society is changing the world as well as the Slovene society. Therefore we should be aware of these changes and embrace them. The aim of IS 2011 is not to provide the final answers to the problems of the information society, but to open interdisciplinary debate and to explore different research directions. The multiconference will serve as a forum for the world-wide and national community to explore current and future research trends, business opportunities and governmental policies – both European and American. The main objective is the exchange of ideas and the development of visions for the future of the information society.

Detailed information can be found at the 14th international Information Society website.

Featured here are three of the conferences held within the 14th International Multiconference on Information Society 2011:

Facing demographic challenges
The beginning of the 21st century is facing developed countries with variety of demographic challenges. The outcomes of the future demographic processes may influence lives of many people living on this region. How to cope with this challenges, what are the current and future trends, new ideas? These are the questions discussed on the "Facing Demographic Challenges" conference. Our conference is part of the 14th IS 2011 multiconference. It provides an international forum for scientists, academicians, and professionals presenting their latest research findings in the various fields of Information Society.

Cognitive sciences
Research and understanding human thought processes is very complex, wide, open and important area. Therefore, the quality results can be expected only in a coordinated multidisciplinary integration of different disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, IT, computer science, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, biology and linguistics. Cognitive science fundamental question remains of how to integrate these diverse approaches, since each research disciplines of cognitive phenomena presented, addressing problems from his point of view with its specialized language and their methods.

The purpose of the traditional autumn cognitive conference is to stimulate interdisciplinary debate between scientists, dealing with exploration of consciousness. All contributions, which represent the scientific efforts associated with the central theme of cognitive science, are welcomed.

The Robotics is changing the world and affecting worldwide society. Which are the trends, perspectives, advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threats, of the “Robotics Society”?

The above questions were discussed on the Robotic Conference, which was held as a part of the 14th International Multiconference Information Society 2011.


IS 2011 Conference opening

Official Speeches

Presentation of current achievements and life work awards

Chairs of Conferences

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Vladimir A. Fomichov Vladimir A. Fomichov

Facing demographic challenges

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flagSlovenske politične stranke o demografski reformiSlovenske politične stranke o demografski reformi
Janez Malačič, Matjaž Gams, et al. Janez Malačič, Matjaž Gams, Patrick Vlačič, Jakob Presečnik, France Cukjati, Borut Cink

Cognitive sciences


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