William March
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I'm a Ph.D. student in Computational Science and Engineering in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. I currently work in Alex Gray's FASTlab. I also collaborate with David Sherrill's lab in the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Georgia Tech and Andrew Connolly in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Washington.

I'm interested in the full-spectrum of algorithm development. By this I mean everything from the theoretical foundations of algorithmics (what abstract algorithm classes can we handle efficiently), to novel forms of theoretical analysis of algorithms, to writing open-source code for the MLPACK machine learning library, to close collaboration with scientists in order to identify opportunities for new scientific discoveries via algorithm design. In particular, I focus on attacking large-scale problems with space-partitioning trees at all of these levels.


flag Fast Euclidean Minimum Spanning Tree: Algorithm, Analysis, and Applications
as author at  Research Sessions,
flag Large-Scale Euclidean MST and Hierarchical Clustering
as author at  NIPS Workshop on Efficient Machine Learning, Whistler 2007,