William Macready
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William Macready joined D-Wave from NASA's Ames Research Center, where he was a Senior Research Scientist. At NASA, Dr. Macready formed a group in Machine Learning and built intelligent algorithms for high-performance scheduling, the automated design of satellite antennae, and learning algorithms for the automated extraction of knowledge from NASA satellite and deep space imagery.

Prior to joining NASA, Dr. Macready was Vice President of Science and Research for Prowess Software and was responsible for the design and prototyping of a multi-dimensional matching engine for electronic marketplaces. Before that, he was Vice President of Science for BiosGroup, a Cap Gemini Ernst and Young funded consulting company applying complexity science advances to the solutions of complex business problems. Dr. Macready has managed the delivery of numerous projects to Fortune 500 customers.

Dr. Macready holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Toronto and has over 30 peer-reviewed publications in physics, machine learning, optimization, economics, and theoretical biology journals. Articles discussing the implications of his work have appeared in New Scientist and The New Yorker magazines.


invited talk
flag Quantum Annealing meets Machine Learning
as author at  28th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), Catalina Islands 2012,