William Fulton
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William Fulton is the founding President and CEO of Solimar Research Group. He is the author of several landmark books on land use and cities, including Guide to California Planning, The Reluctant Metropolis, and The Regional City. He is also the co-author of many important studies on land-use patterns, including Sprawl Hits The Wall and Who Sprawls Most? A graduate of the UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Mr. Fulton is also a Senior Scholar at the School of Planning, Policy, and Development at the University of Southern California and was elected to the Ventura (Calif.) City Council in 2003. He has spoken on growth and planning trends throughout to groups throughout the United States and is represented for speaking engagements by The Citistates Group.


flag After the Unrest: Ten Years of Rebuilding Los Angeles Following the Trauma of 1992
as author at  MIT World Series: The Resilient City: Trauma, Recovery and Remembrance,