Tuomas Sandholm
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Tuomas Sandholm is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the Computer Science Department, Machine Learning Department, and the CMU/UPitt joint Ph.D. program in computational biology. He has published over 450 papers on market design, game theory, search and integer programming, auctions and exchanges, automated negotiation and contracting, coalition formation, voting, safe exchange, normative models of bounded rationality, resource-bounded reasoning, and machine learning. In parallel with his academic career, he was founder, chairman, and CTO/chief scientist of CombineNet, Inc. from 1997 until its acquisition in 2010; during this period the company commercialized 800 of the world's largest-scale generalized combinatorial auctions, totaling over $60 billion. Sandholm's algorithms also run the US-wide UNOS kidney exchange. He is the founder and CEO of Optimized Markets, Inc., a startup that is bringing a new paradigm to advertising sales and scheduling. Among his many honors are the NSF Career Award, inaugural ACM Autonomous Agents Research Award, Sloan Fellowship, Carnegie Science Center Award for Excellence, and Computers and Thought Award. He is a Fellow of the ACM and AAAI.


flag Advances in AI in Poker: Two Mini-Talks on Recent Breakthroughs and a Panel
as panelist at  31st AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, San Francisco 2017,
together with: Michael Bowling (panelist), Kevin Leyton-Brown (moderator),
  invited talk
flag Poker AI: Algorithms for Creating Game-Theoretic Strategies for Large Incomplete-Information Games
as author at  27th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Washington 2013,