Trebor Scholz
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Trebor Scholz is a German-born, New York-based media artist, writer and organizer who works collaboratively and individually in the fields of media art, event-based cultural practice, new media arts education, and media archeology. His works have been exhibited at the the Venice Biennial (with Martha Rosler/ The Fleas), Hull Time Based Arts, the Sao Paulo Biennial, the Web Biennial of the Istanbul Museum for Contemporary Art and many other venues. Scholz has facilitated several large scale programs such as "FreeCooperation" (2004, with Geert Lovink), "Right2Fight" (with Dominique Malaquais), "Politics Is Not Enough" (in 2002 at the Santa Fe Art Institute), "At Walmart It Still Looks the Same"(at Bauhaus-University, Weimar and ACC Gallery in 2001), "Crisis in the Middle East" (at The University of Arizona), "Aestheticization of War" (co-curated with Nomads in Residency at PS1), and Kosov@: Carnival in the Eye of the Storm (2000). He has lectured at Symposium on Electronic Arts (Helsinki, Tallin), Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Conference (Singapore), Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (Helsinki, NIFCA), Stanford University, NewMediaNation (Bratislava, Slovakia), Version3 (N5M, Chicago), Tactical Media Lab at New York University, PS1 (Contemporary Art Center New York City), Haute Ecole d'Art (Geneva, Switzerland), University of California Los Angeles, Dartmouth College, Academy of Visual Arts (Leipzig, Germany), San Francisco State University, University of California San Diego, and The School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

Scholz is currently research fellow at the School of Art & Design Zurich (PhD philosophy of science). He has taught new media, art history and theory at The University of Arizona, and The Bauhaus University, and is assistant professor and researcher at the Department of Media Study, SUNY at Buffalo. In 2004 Scholz founded the Institute for Distributed Creativity.


flag Collaboration and Collective Intelligence
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