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Opening Session

Keynote Addresses

Closing Ceremony - Concluding Remarks

Welcome to TRA 2010 in Belgium

Closure of the TRA 2008

Panel on Transport and Climate Change

European Trans-National Joint Research Collaboration

Challenges for Sustainable Mobility in Cities

[syn]  99 views, 14:28  
Zdenka Šimonovič, Sylwia Klatka, Mike McDonald Zdenka Šimonovič, Sylwia Klatka, Mike McDonald

Interactive Information Provision & Systems

[syn]  35 views, 01:36  
Myriam Coulon-Cantuer Myriam Coulon-Cantuer
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Panel on Green and Smart Transport

[syn]  261 views, 1:17:19  
flagRound TableRound Table
Iztok Seljak, András Siegler, et al. Iztok Seljak, András Siegler, Fotis Karamitsos, Ingemar Skogö, Liévin Quoidbach

Specific New Member State and Candidate Countries Issues

Future Directions for Cleaner Road Transport and Advanced Fuels

Supporting Transport Policy through Innovation

Public-Private Joint Research Needs & Agendas

Logistics and Heavier Goods Vehicles

Accident Prevention & Analysis 1

Specific Regional Research Needs

Societal Trends & Behaviour

Accident Prevention & Analysis 2

Traffic Safety

[syn]  66 views, 19:41  
flagDebate - Traffic SafetyDebate - Traffic Safety
Jean Yves Le Coz, Ken Ducatel, et al. Jean Yves Le Coz, Ken Ducatel, Herman Meyer, Jean Lalo, Jerry Hole

International Cooperation on Road Transport Research in Emerging Economies

Integrated Transport Safety

[syn]  114 views, 15:57  
flagNomadic SystemsNomadic Systems
Mark Jendrzok Mark Jendrzok
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Road Pricing and Tolling

Green House Gas Reduction

Accident Prevention & Analysis 3

Impact Mitigation

Air Pollution

New Mobility Concepts

Intelligent transport systems

Scenarios for the Future

Security on Road Safety Systems Design

Towards a Sustainable Society

[syn]  88 views, 08:34  
flagDebate - Towards a Sustainable SocietyDebate - Towards a Sustainable Society
Andy Southern, Alexander Walcher, Marian Gogola Andy Southern, Alexander Walcher, Marian Gogola

Natural & Cultural Heritage, Environmental and Aesthetic Design

Innovative Design and Production

[syn]  30 views, 02:02  
Patrick Mercier-Handisyde Patrick Mercier-Handisyde
[syn]  26 views, 04:54  
flagPanel DiscussionPanel Discussion
Patrick Mercier-Handisyde Patrick Mercier-Handisyde

Integrated Mobility Management

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