Thomas Gulledge
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Thomas Gulledge is the President of Enterprise Integration, Inc. and Enterprise Integration Pte Ltd (Singapore). He is also a co-director of the Enterprise Consulting Alliance, a consulting organization with operations in the USA, Asia-Pacific, and Australia. He is also Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Engineering at George Mason University, where he was the Director of the Policy Analysis Center within the School of Public Policy; retiring in January 2008 after 20 years at GMU. His competence areas are Logistics, Extended Enterprise Integration, Product Lifecycle Management, Engineering Management, and Supply Chain Integration & Management. Professor Gulledge has directed the Ph.D. Program in the School of Public Policy, and he was a co-founder of the Master of Science program in Enterprise Engineering & Policy, a joint sponsored program by the School of Public Policy and the School of Information Technology and Engineering. He has led many technology-related projects, most relating to information technology-enabled organizational transformation. He was the Director of the corporate sponsored International Electronic Commerce project (project Pathfinder) with the Oracle Corporation, which focused on B2B e-Commerce, and the development of the first generation Oracle e-Hub, which evolved into the Customer Data Hub. He also developed the Enterprise Engineering & Policy Laboratory, which was sponsored by Microsoft, IDS Scheer, Oracle, ILOG, and SAP. He has led on-going initiatives relating to supply chain integration and extended enterprise integration, including initiatives in Europe and Asia. Some of these initiatives are large-scale, including a complex project that required working with the Boeing Company to implement an eHub for Boeing suppliers in Asia. Dr. Gulledge also conceptualized, launched, and managed the Fairfax Electronic Commerce Resource Center, which focused on implementing electronic commerce solutions. Dr. Gulledge has worked on many large-scale implementation projects. He was the technical lead in developing the information architecture for GAMA Industries in Ankara, Turkey, as well as the information architecture for the BULOG in Jakarta, Indonesia. He also led a supplier integration effort for Newport News Shipbuilding, and worked with European companies on the same topic. The European work evolved into the refinement of an automated performance measurement product for enterprise solutions and eventually the alignment of the Oracle e-Business Suite with the Supply Chain Council Operational Reference (SCOR) model. This SCOR alignment was implemented as a new product offering with PROMATIS AG of Karlsruhe, Germany. Dr. Gulledge is currently managing initiatives of Enterprise Integration, Inc. (EII). EII is working on issues related to the management and technical aspects of Advanced Technology, Enterprise Integration, Logistics, Product Lifecycle Management, eBusiness, and Supply Chain Management.


flag Leveraging New Technologies for Process Flexibility in Logistics Service Providers
as author at  2nd European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL), Venice 2009,