Terrence Fernando
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Professor Terrence Fernando (University of Salford) is the Technical Manager of the CoSpaces project and the leader of Cluster 3 (Collaborative Workspace Applications). He is the Director of the Future Workspaces Research Centre at the University of Salford and the Director of the North West Research Centre for Advanced Virtual Prototyping, which is a regional multi-disciplinary research centre involving several research teams from four prominent Universities in UK. He has a broad background in conducting multi-disciplinary research programmes involving large number of research teams in areas such as distributed virtual engineering, virtual building construction, driving simulations, virtual prototyping, urban simulation, and maintenance simulation. At present he is leading a group of researchers to deliver industrially relevant research projects for the engineering and the construction sectors. He has successfully completed several national and European projects and currently co-ordinating the Future_Workspaces roadmap project. As a part of this roadmap project, Prof. Fernando has brought together over 100 companies and research centres, from areas such as aerospace, automotive, building construction, multi-modal interfaces, system architecture, networking, human factors etc, to define a 10 year European vision for future collaborative engineering workspaces. His multi-disciplinary background, experience in technical management, strong links with industrial partners and the leadership in developing the Future_Workspaces roadmap will be invaluable in providing a strong technical leadership within the CoSpaces IP. He is also playing a key role in the MOSAIC SSA and the INTUITION NoE to develop future research agenda for collaborative work environments.


flag Challenges in Developing Collaborative Workspaces for Solving Complex Problems
as author at  14th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising (ICE), Lisbon 2008,