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Symposium "Earth Without Humans II"   

International symposium "Earth without humans II", Ljubljana 2017

What might have been considered science fiction a few years ago, can now be experienced in real time as the manifestation of a positive utopia, which predicts a change of absolutely everything in the near future: how we travel, how we communicate, what we eat, how we dress, how we reach decisions, how we participate, how we trade… basically how we live. The power centres are shifting before our eyes and this shift is geo-strategically moving from our planet into space. It is full of successful content platforms, which reflect the trans-nationality of the internet and other telecommunication channels into space. Unlike the 1960s space race, in which the two super powers raced for the moon, the current show of power can be seen in the race for Mars. In this perspective the scientific research and the development of technologies which create the technological conditions for survival on the red planet are shown as just another name for the end of life on planet Earth. The catastrophic script which foresees the exodus to other spatial bodies can be read through an array of technologies that are being developed for survival on Mars. The radical conditions, biotechnologies, astrobiology, exo-life, extremophiles, artificial life, artificial intelligence, robot architecture... just in case we fail to make it to Mars.

Link: http://www.kapelica.org/index_si.html#event=1101


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