Steven R. Tannenbaum
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Steven R. Tannenbaum is Underwood-Prescott Professor of Toxicology and Chemistry MIT Biological Engineering Division and Chemistry Department. Tannenbaum earned his Ph.D at MIT in 1962 and has continued as a faculty member up to the present time. An early career in Food Chemistry and Nutritional Biochemistry led to many research papers and books on food proteins and to several awards from the Institute of Food Technologists. Tannenbaum was promoted to Full Professor in 1974. For the past 35 years Tannenbaum's research has been in the area of chemical toxicity and carcinogenesis. His laboratory was the first to discover the endogenous synthesis of nitrogen oxides, its mammalian origin, and its stimulation by the immune system. His laboratory has also pioneered the development and application of proteins as biomarkers of human exposure to environmental and endogenous compounds. Tannenbaum is the author or coauthor of approximately 350 scientific papers, 15 patents, and has edited seven books. He was elected to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences in 1996.


flag Testing from Pre-Clinical to Product Launch (Part Four)
as author at  MIT World Series: New Medicines: Can Innovation and Safety Coexist?,
together with: Noubar Afeyan, Joseph V. Bonventre, Linda G. Griffith, James Green,