Stephen P. Marks
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Stephen Marks' current interests include integrating human rights into sustainable human development. He has been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program on this topic and is principal investigator for a major grant by the Government of the Netherlands on the right to development. Another current research interest is international efforts to limit human genetic manipulation, focusing on human reproductive cloning and germline gene therapy. This study explores the human rights implications of these techniques and the assumptions of opposing attitudes on this question. Among his many degrees, he holds a Doctor of Laws (Docteur d’Etat en droit), with high honors, Institute of the Law of Peace and Development, Faculty of Law and Economics, University of Nice, 1979; an advanced degree (Diplôme d’études appliqués avancées, DEAA) in administrative litigation and human rights, Faculty of Law, Economics and Political Science of the University of Besançon, 1977; and a Certificate of European Studies, Institute of Advanced European Studies of the University of Legal, Political and Social Sciences of Strasbourg, 1972.


flag Human Cloning and Human Rights: Promises and Perils
as author at  MIT World Series: Science, Technology and Human Rights,
together with: Rudolf Jaenisch,