Sønke Gau
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Lives in Zürich (CH), cultural scientist, curator, critic and lecturer

2004–2009 he formed, together with Katharina Schlieben, the curatorial directing team of the Shedhalle in Zürich. 2000–2004 he worked at the Institute for Contemporary Art at the Academy of Fine Arts (Wien), as exhibition co-ordinator and curator at Künstlerhaus Vienna and as project manager of the 3rd Berlin biennial for contemporary art. Recent publications include: Spectacle, Pleasure Principle or the Carnivalesque – A Reader on Possibilities, Experiences in Difference and Strategies of the Carnivalesque in Cultural-Political Practice and Work to do! Self-Organisation in precarious Working Conditions (ed. together with Katharina Schlieben, 2008 and 2009). He has been a researcher and the project manager of ‘Institutions of Critique’ at the Institute for Theory (ith), since 2010 and ‘Scientist in Residence’ at the Institute MA in Transdisziplinarität, 2011–2012, both at Zürich University of the Arts (ZHdK).


flag Work to do! Or Caught between two stools: Questioning Production Conditions …
as author at  SCCA - Center for Contemporary Arts, Ljubljana,
together with: SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts (recorded by), Katharina Schlieben,