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SNC 2015 - Ljubljana   

SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference (SNC), Ljubljana 2015

SiNAPSA Neuroscience Conference (SNC) 2015 is the sixth biannual international neuroscience meeting organized by SiNAPSA, Slovenian Neuroscience Association in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana. The meeting covers a wide array of neuroscience research from the molecular to the systems level.

The programme consists of plenary lectures, thematic symposia and poster sessions presenting the state-of-art in basic neurobiology (molecular neurobiology, neurochemistry and animal model work), developmental and adult neurology, psychiatry, psychology, cognitive and translational neuroscience.


Opening of the SNC’15

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flagOpening of the SNC'15Opening of the SNC'15
Blaž Koritnik, Dušan Šuput Blaž Koritnik, Dušan Šuput

AOŽ Memorial lecture

Plenary talk


Neural responses and functional effects of dance on cognitive, emotional and motor performance

Biomarkers of epileptogenesis, pharmacogenomics and functional brain connectivity in epilepsy

Multimodal imaging in diagnostics of preclinical stages of neurodegenerative disorders

Cell's protein quality system and neurodegeneration

Educational Workshop on Addiction: Neurobiology

Educational Workshop on Addiction: Alcohol addiction: Stigma, ethical challenges and treatment

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flagAlcohol addiction treatmentAlcohol addiction treatment
Darja Boben Bardutzky Darja Boben Bardutzky
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Educational Workshop on Addiction: Addiction, ADHD and psychoactive substance abuse

Young Neuroscientists Forum Ljubljana 2015

Closing of the SNC'15

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