Simon Price
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I'm a researcher in the ILRT's Web Futures group and a consultant developer in the ILRT's Internet Development group where collectively we create leading edge Web teaching, research and administrative applications for the educational sector.

I am proud to have been one of the founding project directors of the ILRT. Since joining the university in 1992 I've also been (most recent first) director of the WebEcon eLearning project, director of the University of Bristol's Learning Technology Support Service (LTSS), software development manager at the UK Centre for Computing in Social Sciences and senior programmer on the million pound WinEcon project at the Centre for Computing in Economics.

WinEcon received a medal from the British Computer Society, a European Academic Software Award and, in the US, the Interactive Award. More recently, one of my applications was a winner at the UK's eLearning Awards.

I run and for a brief period worked in Seattle on the ToolBook authoring tool for SumTotal Systems (formerly Asymetrix). I've been a consultant on ToolBook and eLearning for over 20 public and private sector organisations, including Department of Health, Dow Jones, Employment Services Commission, ICL/Fujitsu, Oxford University, Pearson Educational and Unilever. In the very dim and distant past I was a computer games programmer for Melbourne House, Virgin Games, Mastertronic and Electronic Arts.

I'm currently in the writing-up stage of a PhD in machine learning and data mining.


flag SubSift: a novel application of the vector space model to support the academic research process
as author at  Workshop on Applications of Pattern Analysis (WAPA), Cumberland Lodge 2010,