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SiKDD 2021 - Ljubljana   

Slovenian KDD Conference on Data Mining and Data Warehouses (SiKDD), Ljubljana 2021

Data driven technologies have significantly progressed after mid 90’s. The first phases were mainly focused on storing and efficiently accessing the data, resulted in the development of industry tools for managing large databases, related standards, supporting querying languages, etc. After the initial period, when the data storage was not a primary problem anymore, the development progressed towards analytical functionalities on how to extract added value from the data; i.e., databases started supporting not only transactions but also analytical processing of the data. At this point, data warehousing with On-Line-Analytical-Processing entered as a usual part of a company’s information system portfolio, requiring from the user to set well defined questions about the aggregated views to the data. Data Mining is a technology developed after year 2000, offering automatic data analysis trying to obtain new discoveries from the existing data and enabling a user new insights in the data. In this respect, the Slovenian KDD conference (SiKDD) covers a broad area including Statistical Data Analysis, Data, Text and Multimedia Mining, Semantic Technologies, Link Detection and Link Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Data Warehouses.

To find out more please visit SiKDD 2021 website.

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