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SEeHealth 2010 - Ljubljana   

CeGD eGovernance Academy Seminar Series (SEeHealth): The Roadmap from Concept to Practice, Ljubljana 2010

In accordance with the mission CeGD regarding the transfer of knowledge and education & research CeGD is organizing the first seminar in the field of eHealth in order to address the importance of transition to electronically supported health care systems in the region of South East Europe. The seminar is being co‐organized by Regional Cooperation Council and supported by partners of the CeGD, Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Microsoft, Siemens and SRC.

Following the commitment to disseminate information, knowledge, expertise and good practices in South East Europe and to support and promote regional knowledge this solution driven seminar primarily aims to present the cost‐effectiveness of eHealth systems, legal regulations and policy environment necessary to successfully implement eHealth solutions, and to showcase European regional state of the art solutions and good practice cases.

The objective is to deliver an answer to the participants on why, how, when and with what tools eHealth systems can be set‐up in their respective countries, taking into account the specific (policy, social) environment of each individual country.


Opening Session

Session 1: Context, policy environment and institutional setting

First session focuses on the context and challenges posed to health care sector all around Europe. High level representatives from European Commission, leading experts from public and private sector will present Context, policy environment and institutional setting (change) for eHealth.

Session 2: Interoperability as a foundation for eHealth services

Second session explains how to lay down legal foundations for successful implementation of eHealth solutions. The session builds upon the common EU legislative framework and addresses the issues of data protection, security and interoperability of systems.

Session 3: Good practice cases – Innovations for better health

Third session focuses on interoperability being perceived as a foundation for eHealth services. By showcasing some of contemporary European cases in eHealth, answers on how to successfully connect existing or newly established parts of health care systems will be delivered.

Session 4: Legal dimension of eHealth

Fourth session will address the issue of funding eHealth innovations. The good practice cases of Slovenian and Slovakian approach will be accompanied with the presentation on the potentials of public‐private partnership as an alternative model for secured funding of eHealth programmes.

Session 5: Funding of eHealth innovations

Fifth session will showcase forerunning good practice cases on the European level, presenting solutions from Portugal, Denmark and Austria, and contemporary solutions implemented in the SEE region, presenting cases from Montenegro and Serbia. Furthermore, the session aims to showcase possible ways of matching the needs and requirements of the SEE region for eHealth with the existing cases of IT solutions successfully implemented in SEE and other European countries.

Session 6: Roundtable ‐ Building partnerships among stakeholders

The seminar will conclude with the Roundtable, entitled Building partnerships among key stakeholders. The representatives of key stakeholders (citizens/patients, health care providers, authorities, financing bodies, national governments, EU institutions, business sector) in the healthcare sector from EU and national, public and private levels will express their views, needs, potentials and future steps for successful implementation of eHealth in Europe and in the SEE region.

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flagBuilding partnerships among stakeholdersBuilding partnerships among stakeholders
Catalina Dima, Tanya Znamenskaya, et al. Catalina Dima, Tanya Znamenskaya, Morten Elbæk Petersen, Nataša Pirc Musar, Matic Meglič, Blaž Golob

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