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S3MR 2010 - Interlaken   

1st Spring School on Social Media Retrieval (S3MR), Interlaken 2010


Multimedia content has become ubiquitous on the web, creating new challenges for indexing, access, search and retrieval. At the same time, much of this content is made available on content sharing websites like YouTube or Flickr, or shared on social networks like Facebook. In such environments, the content is usually accompanied with metadata, tags, ratings, comments, information about the uploader and their social network, etc.

Analysis of these "social media" shows a great potential in improving the performance of traditional multimedia information analysis/retrieval approaches by bridging the semantic gap between the "objective" multimedia content analysis and "subjective" users' needs and impressions. The integration of these aspects however is non-trivial and has created a vibrant, interdisciplinary field of research.

The Spring School on Social Media Retrieval aims at bringing together young researchers from neighbouring disciplines, offering

  1. lectures delivered by experts from academy and industry providing a clear and in-depth summary of state-of-the-art research in social media retrieval, and
  2. collaborative projects in small groups providing hands-on experience on integrative work on selected problems from the field.


  • Content distribution over social/peer-to-peer networks
  • Multimedia content analysis
  • Automatic multimedia annotation/tagging
  • Multimedia indexing/search/retrieval
  • Implicit media tagging
  • Social data analysis
  • Collaborative tagging

More about the spring school at S3MR Website.


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