Ronald J. Brachman
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I am currently the Vice President of Yahoo! Labs and Research Operations, and also the Head of Academic Relations at Yahoo!, Inc. My office is in New York City; the majority of our Yahoo! Research team is in Santa Clara, California, where I also have an office.

Prior to joining Yahoo! in 2005, I was the Director of the Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO) at DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. In that capacity I led a new revitalized (and re-named) IPTO and DARPA towards a new generation of computational systems with cognitive capabilities, building on artificial intelligence and systems work from many parts of Computer Science.

In February of 2002, I retired from AT&T Labs, after more than 16 years with AT&T Labs and Bell Labs.


locked flag The Big Questions in Computation, Intelligence and Life
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locked flag (Artificial) Intelligence, Integrated Systems and the World´s Greatest Athlete
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locked flag AAAI-11 25 th Conference Anniversary Panel
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flag Emerging Sciences of the Internet: Some New Opportunities
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