Ralph Hodgson
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Ralph Hodgson is an Executive Partner and co-founder of TopQuadrant, a company specializing in the Semantic Web tools and consulting services. After having pioneered the adoption of Object Technology in Europe and the US, Ralph is now doing the same for semantic technology. He is currently working with NASA on the use of Semantic Web standards for the return to the Moon and flight missions to Mars initiatives. Ralph is a frequent speaker at IT conferences and a published author with over 30 articles and two books.

Willie Milnor is a Semantic Solutions developer with TopQuadrant where he implements enterprise systems for TopQuadrant's customers. In addition to his software development work, Willie often assists in teaching TopQuadrant's training program "Getting Started with the Semantic Web". Before joining TopQuadrant, he developed content management systems and a portal for a scientific encyclopedia. He received a MS (2005) from UGA where he worked as a Research Assistant in the LSDIS lab


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