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ProaSense dissemination videos

ProaSense dissemination videos

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ProaSense - The Proactive Sensing Enterprise

The ProaSense project is an EU project aiming to pave the way for an efficient transmission from Sensing into Proactive enterprises. Proactive enterprises will be countinuously aware of what »might happen« in the relevant business context and optimize their behaviour to achieve »what should be the best action«.

What Is a Proactive Enterprise?

ProaSense is an innovative system that helps you to:

- Improve production efficiency
- Lower downtime
- Enable proactive maintenance of machines
- Improves profitability
- Lower production costs
- Carry out business in a sustainable way

How Can Proactivity Be Achieved?

ProaSense uses state- of- the- art technologies which exploit the power of big enterprise data, by

- sensing the whole buasiness ecosystem. Through big data analysis the meaning of data is extracted, by applying advanced big data analytics; Shifting the processing capabilities from real-time into ahead-of-time processing.

- Increasing the strategic value of data analysis for decision making, by dynamically adapting patterns of interest to be found in real-time big data streams; Shifting decision making focus from early warnings into business optimization.

Why Do Enterprises Need It?

Today’s enterprises are facing increasing pressure due to globalization, uncertainties, and strict regulations. This demands for a new class of enterprise systems, proactive enterprises, that are continuously aware of that what “might happen” in the relevant business context and optimize their processes to achieve that what “should be the best possible result ”.