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Points of Connection 2010 - Vienna   

The Vienna L'Internationale* Conference 2010: Points of Connection

The conference and research seminar, Points of Connection, is the first in a series of projects at L'Internationale, a new transinstitutional organization of five major European museums and artists archives. The intention of this organization is a long-term collaboration based on collective use of the institutions’ respective collections and archives. One of the goals is to challenge common canons and master narratives of art and investigate local-to-local comparisons and differences. In place of the global hegemonic ambitions of the largest contemporary art institutions, L'Internationale proposes collaboration between museums, each with its specific collection focus and history, as a way to instigate transnational, plural cultural narratives. One aim is to give greater visibility to the similarities between different collections and archives as the point of connection at which their interests, methodologies, and visions come together. L’Internationale aims to build a new, plural narrative and to keep the processes that build it transparent. The first conference will give equal attention to the object of research (avant-garde art from 1956 to 1986) and to the methods of research and the sources used (particularly collections and archives).

Detailed information about the event can be found at The Vienna L’Internationale Conference.

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[syn]  83 views, 1:25:01  
Alexander Alberro Alexander Alberro

Panel Discussions

[syn]  257 views, 1:31:28  
flagArt Historian Panel 1: North/SouthArt Historian Panel 1: North/South
Eda Čufer, Cristina Freire, et al. Eda Čufer, Cristina Freire, Anders Kreuger, Chus Martínez
[syn]  154 views, 1:39:35  
flagArt Historian Panel 2: East/WestArt Historian Panel 2: East/West
Alexander Alberro, Viktor Misiano, et al. Alexander Alberro, Viktor Misiano, Piotr Piotrowski, Branka Stipančić, Vit Havranek
[syn]  74 views, 1:22:09  
flagArtists and Eye Witnesses 1Artists and Eye Witnesses 1
Dieter Roelstraete, Graciela Carnevale, Ješa Denegri Dieter Roelstraete, Graciela Carnevale, Ješa Denegri
[syn]  35 views, 1:11:33  
flagArtists and Eye Witnesses 2Artists and Eye Witnesses 2
Christian Höller, Marko Pogačnik, Peter Weibel Christian Höller, Marko Pogačnik, Peter Weibel

Para-Institutions – Alternative models of artistic practice and their collecting

Cold War Avant-gardes Seminar

[syn]  57 views, 1:40:43  
Viktor Misiano Viktor Misiano

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