Piyush Harsh
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Piyush received his bachelors degree in Computer Science from highly reputed Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee in August 2003. He received his doctorate from University of Florida in August 2010. He is currently employed as research and development engineer at INRIA Bretagne-Atlantique center in Rennes, France. He is currently involved in a multi-million Euro European Union project that aims to develop a federation of clouds supporting extensive SLAs and QoP constraint providing users fine grained control over location of their compute resources and data. In the past he has worked on expert systems design. Other than cloud computing research, his research interests are presently also in the field of security and congitive networks. Some of his more recent research topics included covert channels, mix firewalls, image based authentication and associated problems. As part of his doctoral research he has developed a globally scalable, distributed and hierarchical solution to multicast sessions directory service problem that can be deployed in both ASM and SSM multicast networks.


flag Contrail - facts, objectives and current results
as author at  Cloud Assisted Services in Europe (CLASS) Conference, Bled 2012 ,