Peter Szegedi
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Péter Szegedi joined TERENA in January 2008. He is one of the Project Development Officers who assist the Task Forces and contribute to technical projects and workshops. He is currently the secretary of TF-Storage, TF-Media, TF-NOC, and the GLIF Technical Working Group as well as coordinator of the End-to-End Network Provisioning issues and the Video & Web Conferencing activities and looks after the service. He participated in the EC funded projects such as FP7-FEDERICA (leader of NA2 and JRA2 activities) and IST-MUPBED.

Péter received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, in Hungary, in 2002. He then worked towards a PhD at the Department of Telecommunications. His main research interests included design and analysis of dynamic optical networks, especially optical Ethernet architectures, network control and management processes. His related publications can be found here.

In 2002 Péter decided to leave the research and education sector and joined Magyar Telekom (the Hungarian incumbent service provider and largest network operator, owned by Deutsche Telekom Group). As a Research and Development Manager he was responsible for the international optical backbone network deployments at the Transport Network Development Department, and he also supported the Optical IP network development of Magyar Telekom's affiliated companies in the Balkan region. He has got deep technical knowledge and practical experience in transport network design, deployment, and operational support as well as coordination and management experiences in both national and international projects.

In 2008 Péter decided to leave the commercial sector and leave Hungary, as well. He returned back to the research and education community and joined TERENA (Trans European Research and Education Network Association) in the Netherlands as a Project Development Officer. He exploited his deep knowledge in lower layer networking technologies and operations as well as his skills in collaborative project management especially in an international environment. At TERENA, Péter extended his expertise towards service and application layers. Recently, he dived deeply into community projects related to Video and Web Conferencing applications, multi-media production, management and distribution platforms, as well as data storage and cloud (IaaS) systems.


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as panelist at  Workshop on Analytics on Video-based Learning (WAVe), Leuven 2013,
together with: Stephanie Teasley (panelist), Christopher Brooks (panelist), Marco Ronchetti (panelist), Marco Zennaro (panelist),