Paul Leon
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Mr. Paul Leon is Executive Director of Illumination Foundation. Mr. Leon is currently enrolled in the Health Care Executive MBA program at the University of California, Irvine. Paul has been a Registered Nurse for 16 years. His experience includes emergency, home health, critical care, administration, and public health nursing. He served as the Director of the Critical Care Units at San Clemente Medical Center, and developed a Nurse Preceptor Program for the Intensive Care Unit. Paul's affiliation with the USC County Medical Center in the early 1990's planted the seed of desire to work with the homeless population. He volunteered his clinical services and spearheaded drives that served the Los Angeles Mission. As a Public Health Nurse for the County of Orange, Paul has sparked a grass roots effort to provide health care and other services to the homeless. For the past year he has used his skills in case management, health teaching, outreach, and advocacy to provide public health nursing services as well as bring together public and private agencies. This January (2010) Paul Leon accepted the Walter B. Gerken Community Service Award and grant from Pacific Life Foundation Chairman Jim Morris and President Bob Haskell. The Pacific Life Foundation has been involved with The Illumination Foundation since its founding and has committed $625,000 to the organization through 2011.


flag Homelessness in Orange County
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