Paolo Inchingolo
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Paolo Inchingolo is full Professor of Bioengineering and Health Telematics at the University of Trieste, and for many years he has been also Visiting Professor at the NIH, Bethesda, USA. He promoted many research projects and centers as well as metropolitan, regional and transnational networks, fostering the European Integration of CEE/SEE Countries.
At the University of Trieste he is currently Rector’s Delegate for Telematics, Director of the ANL and HTL laboratories, and Director of the “Higher Education in Clinical Engineering” within the Central European Initiative (CEI) University network.
He is founder member of the Mediterranean Institute for Health Telematics (IMTES) and of the LabCon (Knowledge Lab) Consortium; responsible for ICT and Telemedicine of the International Center for Transitional Studies (ICETS) and of the Central & Eastern European University Network (CEEUN). He is the Italian Coordinator of the Agreement between the University of Trieste and the Croatian Ministry of Health, co-founder of the “Adriatic-Ionic Virtual University” (Uniadrion) – Adriatic Ioinian Initiative (AII), founder and coordinator of the “Adriatic-Balcanic-Ionian Cooperation on Biomedical Engineering” (ABIC-BME) and of the Alpe-Adria Universities Network (ALADIN).


flag The E-HECE e-Learning Experience in BME Education
as author at  Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing - MEDICON 2007,