Pankaj Mehra
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Pankaj Mehra has worked in the area of large-scale systems and software design for almost 20 years, and has won numerous awards and honors throughout his career. He is currently a Distinguished Technologist at HP, where his responsibilities include technology strategy and advanced development. Pankaj has served as: lead architect for HP's Reference Information Storage Server; architecture core team member for HP's NonStop Advanced Architecture; and chairman of InfiniBand (IB) management working group in IB Trade Association. Pankaj is an author on three books and dozens of papers. His latest book "Storage, Data and Information Systems" is in press; "Load Balancing: An Automated Learning Approach" was published in 1995; and "Artificial Neural Networks: Concepts and Theory" was published in 1992. Pankaj holds a Ph.D. from University of Illinois


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