Ozcan Saritas
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Ozcan has several milestones in his career path. The first was his graduation from Architecture Faculty at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) with Bachelor honours degree in 1998. Then, in 2000, he got his MSc from Project and Construction Management Programme in the same university. After working as a full-time Research Assistant in ITU, he moved to Manchester in 2002. Since then he has been bringing his knowledge and skills in Science and Technology, and Art and History together to look into the long term future. Ozcan is currently working as a Research Associate at Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (PREST) in Institute of Innovation Research (IoIR) in Manchester Business School. In 2004 he also had a short term contract with United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). In UNIDO he worked for the Industry Promotion and Technology Department.

Teaching and Research interests

Ozcan's research activity has been focused mostly upon long-term policy and strategy making with particular emphasis upon Foresight methodologies and their implementation in S&T and social fields in national, regional and organisational levels. In PREST he is engaged in various research and teaching activities. On the research side he has been conducting his doctoral research and has been working in various projects. The title of his current doctoral research is the Adoption of systems thinking in Foresight (planned submission date for the Ph.D. thesis is June 2005). He has already run two departmental Foresight exercises in two university departments. Being the first examples of their kind, in these exercises, he used the innovative processes and methodologies he developed in his research. Ozcan has been involved in numerous projects on the Foresight front. Starting from 2002 he has participated in several European Commission projects. He is currently working in a project for the European Monitoring Centre of Change on future prospects in nine industrial sectors. "Support to Foresight practice: assess, validate and complement the structuring of a web-based Foresight manual" is the latest ongoing European Commission project he is working in as a Project Manager. In addition, he teaches PREST courses on Foresight for Practitioners and Organisers.


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as author at  BLED Preparatory Workshop,
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as author at  11th Forum on Europe: Foresight Conference "The Future of Information Society and Challenges for Good Governance" and Preparatory Workshop "Western Balkan Futures: Foresight 2020 Project", Bled 2010,