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Open Education Video Journal Volume 1   

Video Journal of Open Education Abstracts Volume 1

Welcome to the first issue of the Video Journal of Open Education. The first issue is dedicated to presenting the presentations of the 2014 OCWC Global Conference held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on April 23-26. The presentations were full lengthened to 20 minutes with an allowance of paper, slides and interview. This batch of items comprises a video article. The VideoLectures.NET team were on site to record the presentations and they post-processed the recordings together with interviews and to incorporate the slides into the video. The VideoLectures.NET portal provides the infrastructure for the journal pages. All of the presentations have been reviewed for quality of recording and appropriateness of presentation, while the papers they describe were accepted to the OCWC event. We are very conscious of the enormous effort that the authors have put into these presentations and interviews in order to communicate the results and main contributions of their research to the open education community. We are therefore delighted to have been able to record them and make them available to a wider audience as a special issue of the Video Journal of Open Education.

Another special offer that comes with this journal is in partnership with the COCo project which proposes a new set of tools enhancing your scientific videos viewing experience. By viewing the videos on the COCo viewer, you will be able to annotate the different time frames of the video allowing you then to easily navigate back to those phases which you need to reference, exchange your comments with your colleagues and friends, but, more importantly, with who you choose and compare these comments and notes in a simplified environment.

You can access this experiment either via the COCo VideoJournal index page,
or from any individual lecture/interview page by clicking on the "COCo VideoJournal" blue box.

From there, you will be able to:

  • annotate the videos for referencing
  • comment on specific moments, not the whole video
  • exchange your comments and ideas with who you choose

Davor Orlic and Colin de la Higuera

Editors of the Special Issue and Programme Chairs of the 2014 OCWC Conference


Robert Schuwer

Paul Bacsich

Donna Gaudet

Lyndon Nixon

Alexander Mikroyannidis

1297 views, 04:25   Interview
Alexander Mikroyannidis Alexander Mikroyannidis

Darya Tarasowa

Leigh-Anne Perryman, Alison Buckler and Tim Seal

1317 views, 05:38   Interview
Leigh-Anne Perryman, Alison Buckler, Tim Seal Leigh-Anne Perryman, Alison Buckler, Tim Seal

Arijit Chowdhuri and Charu K. Gupta

1319 views, 03:50   Interview
Arijit Chowdhuri, Charu K. Gupta Arijit Chowdhuri, Charu K. Gupta

Olivier Aubert and Joscha Jaeger

1585 views, 04:43   Interview
Olivier Aubert, Joscha Jäger Olivier Aubert, Joscha Jäger

Nergis A. Gurel Koybasi

1171 views, 03:11   Interview
Nergis A. Gurel Koybasi Nergis A. Gurel Koybasi

Ines Gil-Jaurena

1177 views, 05:15   Interview
Inés Gil Jaurena Inés Gil Jaurena

Kyriakos Kouveliotis

1170 views, 03:44   Interview
Kyriakos Kouveliotis Kyriakos Kouveliotis

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