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Workshop: transLectures

transLectures - Transcription and translation of Video Lectures

transLectures is a European project whose academic and industrial partners represent the fields of language technologies, machine learning and audiovisual services. Online collections of video material are fast becoming a staple feature of the Internet and a key educational resource. What we are working on at transLectures is a set of easy-to-use tools that will allow users to add multilingual subtitles to these videos. In doing so, they will make the content of these videos available to a much wider audience in a way that is cost-effective and sustainable over the vast collections of online video lectures being generated. Its case studies are VideoLectures.Net and poliMedia, and the languages/language pairs being targeted in this project are EN, ES and SL for transcription, and EN<>ES, EN<>SL, EN>FR and EN>DE for translation. The end result are subtitles -transcriptions and translations- and, in a later phase, personalisation, contextualisation, descriptions, time alignment, fragmentation, recommendation and more for a dataset of 20k academic talks.


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