Nicholas Fox Weber
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Nicholas Fox Weber (Hartford, Connecticut, USA, 1947) graduated from Columbia College and Yale University and for more than 30 years has worked as Director of the Albers Foundation, which oversees the legacy of Josef and Anni Albers, the only artistic pair within the Bauhaus group, and with whom Fox Weber was friends. He taught at various schools in the U.S. and was for some time CEO of The Josef Albers Foundation in Germany. In 1988 he served as visiting curator at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, where he organised a retrospective exhibition of the work of Josef Albers. He is the author of several monographs on art and architecture, including The Clarks of Cooperstown, Balthus, Patron Saints, and The Art of Babar. In 2009 he published The Bauhaus Group, in which through his close relationship with the Albers pair Weber brings to life the characters and community of protagonists of this pioneering art school. The year previous, Weber published a biographical work Le Corbusier: A Life, which is the first biography of one of the most influential, admired and maligned architects of the 20th century.


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as author at  MAO Unfinished Modernisations: between Utopia and Pragmatism, Ljubljana 2012,