Nataša Pržulj
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I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London. At Imperial, I am also a member of the Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology, the Centre for Bioinformatics, and the Centre for Integrative Systems Biology (CISBIC).

From 2005 I have been an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, UC Irvine. At UCI, I have also been a member of the UCI Cancer Center, the UCI Center for Complex Biological Systems (CCBS), the UCI's program in Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology (MCSB), and the UCI’s Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics (IGB). I received an NSF CAREER award for 2007-2011. I am on the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics (IJKDB). I am also a guest editor of the journal Internet Mathematics (IM). Details are in my CV.

My research involves applications of graph theory, mathematical modeling, and computational techniques to solving large-scale problems in computational and systems biology. I am interested in computational and theoretical solutions to practical problems in many areas of systems biology, planar cell polarity, proteomics, cancer informatics, and chemo-informatics. For details about sample projects, please see the list of publications (below).


invited talk
flag Integrative topology uncovers new biology from heterogeneous omics data
as author at  The 31st international conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics,
flag Network topology as a source of information
as author at  Solomon seminar,
invited talk
flag Network Topology Uncovers Function, Disease, and Phylogeny
as author at  5th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics, Nijmegen 2010,