Nada Serajnik Sraka
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Nada Serajnik Sraka is senior communications advisor with the expertise in various fields of communication management. For the past 16 years she has acted as communication professional on various posts in the Government Communication Office in Slovenia. She has BA in Geography and English Language, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana and a master degree in communication at the Faculty of Social Studies in Ljubljana. She has also earned the designation Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) by International Association of Business Communicators. She is the founding member of Public Relations Society of Slovenia (PRSS) and IABC Slovenia and also one of the Past Presidents of IABC Slovenia and Presidents of PRSS. She regularly writes and lectures about various aspects of public relations and communication management. In 2009 she published a book Communication Campaigns - A Manual for planning, managing and evaluating communication campaigns.


flag The Essentials of Communication Planning
as author at  Regional conference Let’s clean the Balkans in one day!,