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MIT World Series: Meeting the Entropy Challenge

By organizing an international symposium on the conceptual foundations of thermodynamics thirty years after the passing away of professor Joseph Henry Keenan, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology intends to honor this distinguished scientist who served on the faculty of its Mechanical Engineering Department for 43 years and effectively started an innovative school of thought on thermodynamics.

The symposium featured open discussions among international experts about conceptual, foundational and philosophical issues, enigmas, paradoxes and open questions regarding the role that the second law of thermodynamics plays in natural sciences, including physics, biology, energy, engineering, quantum information, micro and nanotechnology, and cosmology.

[syn]  3319 views, 1:30:52  
flagThe Second Law and Energy (Panel)The Second Law and Energy (Panel)
Thomas Widmer, Ernest S. Geskin, et al. Thomas Widmer, Ernest S. Geskin, James Keck, Noam Lior, Debjyoti Banerjee, Richard Peterson, Erik Ydstie, Ron Zevenhoven, Zhuomin Zhang, Ahmed F. Ghoniem, Seth Lloyd
[syn]  3102 views, 1:24:46  
flagTeaching the Second LawTeaching the Second Law
Joseph Smith, Howard Butler, et al. Joseph Smith, Howard Butler, Andrew Foley, Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli, Bernhardt Trout, Jeffrey Lewins, Enzo Zanchini, Michael von Spakovsky, Robert J. Silbey
[syn]  3227 views, 1:28:44  
flagFrontiers of the Second LawFrontiers of the Second Law
Adrian Bejan, Bjarne Andresen, et al. Adrian Bejan, Bjarne Andresen, Miguel Rubi, Signe Kjelstrup, David Jou, Miroslav Grmela, Lyndsay Gordon, Eric Schneider, George N. Hatsopoulos, Seth Lloyd
[syn]  3979 views, 1:30:51  
flagFoundations of the Second LawFoundations of the Second Law
Seth Lloyd, Owen Maroney, et al. Seth Lloyd, Owen Maroney, Silviu Guiasu, Ping Ao, Jochen Gemmer, Bernard Guy, Gian Paolo Beretta, Speranta Gheorghiu-Svirschevski, Dorion Sagan, Robert J. Silbey
comments5 comments 
[syn]  2925 views, 55:24  
flagJ.H. Keenan’s Contribution to ThermodynamicsJ.H. Keenan’s Contribution to Thermodynamics
Ahmed F. Ghoniem, Susan Hockfield, George N. Hatsopoulos Ahmed F. Ghoniem, Susan Hockfield, George N. Hatsopoulos

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