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MIT Leadership Center

Based at MIT Sloan School of Management, the MIT Leadership Center is committed to innovative research, education, and dialogue — across and beyond the MIT community. Our focus is on distributed leadership — the idea that leadership today, even more than in the past, must come from every level of an organization or every part of an organizational network.

At the Leadership Center, we believe that the development of skilled, thoughtful, passionate leaders must be rooted in real world experience. This conviction reflects MIT's longstanding commitment to a hands-on, action-based educational model that challenges students from their first days on campus to do things, build things, change things.

The Center's research is focused on real world problems and potential solutions. Our curriculum development and educational programs turn that research into powerful learning experiences for undergraduates, MBA students, and executives at every stage of their career. Our partnerships with a wide range of enterprises enable not only our research and educational programs, they also allow us to participate directly in driving innovation and change.

The Leadership Center includes a core group of senior faculty from MIT Sloan, numerous faculty from other institutions, and a network of exceptional business, government, and non-profit leaders. Individually, each of these Center Associates brings a unique perspective to the Center as a thinker, teacher, role model, and mentor. Together, the cross-fertilization of their ideas enriches all of the Center's activities.

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