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MIT 29th Annual Breakfast - 2003

The Planning Committee for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Activities is a subcommittee of the Committee on Race and Diversity (CRD) which was appointed by the President and the Corporation. The CRD is charged with the responsibility of keeping Dr. King's dream and commitment to societal change alive in the intellectual, spiritual, and community life of MIT through an array of activities and programs. Specifically, the committee is responsible for

  • Assessing the MIT community environment and suggesting goals and strategies for addressing racial issues on campus;
  • Developing and sponsoring community initiatives to advance race relations and award grant funds;
  • Sponsoring and co-sponsoring community-wide events and forums, including programs that amplify the spirit of Dr. King's commitment to peace, pluralism, and diversity.
  • Advising the MIT administration on matters that arise.

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