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MIT 4.367 Studio Seminar in Public Art - Spring 2006

How do we define Public Art? This course focuses on the production of projects for public places. Public Art is a concept that is in constant discussion and revision, as much as the evolution and transformation of public spaces and cities are. Monuments are repositories of memory and historical presences with the expectation of being permanent. Public interventions are created not to impose and be temporary, but as forms intended to activate discourse and discussion. Considering the concept of a museum as a public device and how they are searching for new ways of avoiding generic identities, we will deal with the concept of the personal imaginary museum. It should be considered as a point of departure to propose a personal individual construction based on the concept of defining a personal imaginary museum - concept, program, collection, events, architecture, public diffusion, etc.

Course Highlights

This course features videos from guest artists in the lecture notes section, and the student projects from the semester in the projects section.

Course Homepage 4.367 Studio Seminar in Public Art Spring 2006

Course features at MIT OpenCourseWare page:

As part of the class, a document was created for publication. It shows the work of all the students in the class, and presents an overarching view of the semester.

Complete MIT OCW video collection at MIT OpenCourseWare - VideoLectures.NET


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