Miha Pogačnik
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Miha Pogačnik is a virtuoso violinist and cultural ambassador with an exceptional capacity to use classical music to inspire creative leaders to think beyond traditional boundaries. His presentation will be titled "Passage Through The Fire: A Harmonious Strategy For Uncertain Times", and is likely to be one of the most unforgettable presentations of the year.

Through his music, Pogačnik brings the concept of 'Creative Leadership' to life by exploring the relationships between harmony and tension, success and failure, flow and crisis. In an economic climate of great turbulence, there's no better time to seek creative inspiration from 'outside the box'.

Part impassioned classical musical performance, part live improvisational drawing and 100% unbridled energy, Miha is an inspirational master of communication. His presentation is made possible by the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Miha Pogačnik boasts an unusual mix of musical and corporate skills. He is the President and Founder of the Institute for Development of Intercultural Relations through the Arts (IDRIART) and a Board Member of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

Since 1998, he has directed the annual Business and Art Conference at Castle Borl, Slovenia and has also addressed the World Business Academy, the World Economic Forum in Davos, and groups at the United Nations.

Miha´s clients also include Ericsson, Royal Dutch Shell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Saatchi & Saatchi, Whirlpool, Skandia Insurance, ABN Amro Bank, Nike and The Body Shop.

After completing a Fulbright Scholarship, Miha’s intellectual curiosity, joie de vivre and vision to position the arts as a driver for social change, led him to step outside the parameters of a classical concert violinist. Why? Because “creativity and innovation are primary business skills central to growth and sustainability. If you add passion, courage, performance and imagination, you have the qualities that artists live by. By establishing a new relationship between the arts and business, one in which I bring the profound musical process to the corporate floor and use the arts as an organizational development tool, bold visions can be considered and realized. The linear and rational must fuse with inspiration, beauty and passion for change to be implemented.”

He has also orchestrated 180 intercultural festivals and exploratory learning journeys around the world to build bridges between cultures, minds and perspectives in recognition of the need for change. Miha also serves as Cultural Ambassador of Slovenia. He works in English, German and Slovene.


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flag Musical process with Miha Pogačnik and symphony orchestra
as author at  Borl Open Castle, Cirkulane 2009,
together with: Blaž Golob (coauthor),
flag Umetnost in inovativnost pri vodenju
as author at  Konferenca o inovacijskem komuniciranju (InCo), Ljubljana 2009,
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flag Miha Pogačnik performing on Bled Forum
as author at  10th Forum on Europe / Foresight Conference - The Role of Culture in Knowledge Society: Contribution to the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, Bled 2009,