Merritt Roe Smith
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Merritt Roe Smith is the Leverett and William Cutten Professor of the History of Technology. His Ph.D. is from The Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on the history of technological innovation and social change. His book, Harpers Ferry Armory and the New Technology, published in 1977, received a number of awards and was nominated for the 1977 Pulitzer Prize in History. Other publications include Military Enterprise and Technological Change (1985); Does Technology Drive History? (1994), co-edited with Leo Marx; Major Problems in the History of American Technology (1998), co-edited with Gregory Clancey; Inventing America (2003) U.S. history textbook co-authorer with Pauline Maier, Daniel Kevles, and Alex Keyssar;and numerous articles and essays including "Technology, Industrialization, and the Idea of Progress in America" and "Industry, Technology, and the 'Labor Question' in 19th-Century America". Also underway is a monograph on technology and the American Civil War. Professor Smith is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and past president of the Society for the History of Technology from which he received the Leonardo da Vinci Medal, the Society's highest honor.


flag Civil War High Tech: Excavating the Hunley and Monitor
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