Meritxell Vinyals
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Meritxell Vinyals is a Ph.D student at IIIA-CSIC with a pre-doctoral grant from the Ministry of Education of Spain (FPU grant), under the supervision of Dr. Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar and Dr. Jesús Cerquides.

Her main research interest lies in the areas of:

  1. Distributed Constraint Optimization
  2. Multi-agent Systems
  3. Complex systems

Her research focuses on constructing and analyzing systems of intelligent, autonomous agents.

Concretely, she is focused on pursuing distributed methods for optimizing cooperative agents networks. Examples of such networks can be found in many multi-agent domains, such as traffic control, sensor networks, smart grid or distributed scheduling and task allocation.


demonstration video
flag Worst-case bounds on the quality of max-product fixed-points
as author at  Video Journal of Machine Learning Abstracts - Volume 1,