Maximilian Schich
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Max's current research focuses on Complex Networks in Art History and related disciplines. Looking at a number of large datasets he contributes to construct a new big picture, which is more independent from a priori artificial concepts like the traditional periods and wider than the often narrow focus of research. Max's approach is based on the fact that many key phenomena in Art History, ranging from classification to the development of visual motifs (Memnosyne), exhibit true complex network structure and dynamics. Results of his investigations will produce a further understanding of the History of Art, enable the evaluation of a wide array of database projects and provide a proof of concept for the study of the emerging Giant Global Graph of the Semantic Web. Besides his Ph.D. on 'Reception and Visual Citation as Complex Networks', Max has over a decade of experience as a research consultant working with semantic network data. Don't ask him about Roman topography and the history of archaeology.

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flag Dissecting the Canon: Visual Subject Co-Popularity Networks in Art Research
as author at  International Workshop on Challenges and Visions in the Social Sciences,