Markus Bayegan
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Head of Group R&D and Technology Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. (ABB)

In 1973 Dr. Markus Bayegan joined Integrated System Development in Oslo, Norway as a system engineer, moving within a couple of years to the Center for Industrial Research, in Norway, where he worked as Research Scientist and later as R&D Manager. His areas of work have been computer aided design, database, and microelectronics. During this time he also acted as Visiting Research Scientist at Stanford University.

In 1981 he took the position of Senior Vice President R&D with the EB Corporation, a telecom company that today is part of Ericsson. Since 1985 he has held the position of Professor in Electronics Manufacturing at the Norwegian Institute of Technology, and President of ABB Corporate Research Norway (Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.) - while having different responsibilities at the Senior Vice President level for ABB.

In January 1998 he was promoted to ABB's Senior Corporate Officer, head of Group R&D and Technology, and in January 2001 to Chief Technology Officer. He is the co-author of several books in the area of microelectronics and information technology.


flag Doing R&D Smarter: A More Effective Approach to Industrial R&D
as author at  MIT Industrial Liaison Program,