Mark R. Bamforth
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Mark R. Bamforth Senior Vice President, Corporate Operations and Pharmaceutical Genzyme Corporation. Mark Bamforth joined Genzyme in 1988. He is responsible for Genzyme’s global manufacturing operations and strategic capacity planning as well as the Pharmaceuticals business. Prior to 2000, Mr. Bamforth ran Genzyme’s United Kingdom operations. Before joining Genzyme, Mr. Bamforth worked as a drilling engineer in the North Sea offshore oil industry and then as a chemical engineer in the whisky industry in Scotland. Mr. Bamforth has an M.B.A. from Henley Business School and a B.Sc. Honours in chemical engineering from Strathclyde University.


flag Innovation in Manufacturing and Distribution Systems (Part Three)
as author at  MIT World Series: New Medicines: Can Innovation and Safety Coexist?,
together with: Charles Cooney, Abbot Weiss, Daniel W. Engels, Peter Walsh,