Manas Somaiya
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I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Scientist at the Computer and Information Science and Engineering department, University of Florida. In past, I have been a Pre-doctoral Fellow and a Ph.D. student at UF.

I work with Dr. Sanjay Ranka and Dr. Chris Jermaine (now at Rice University) persuing research in data mining and machine learning. My recent work has been focused on designing innovative mixture modeling frameworks that can capture interesting patterns in subspaces of high dimensional data, and novel regression based mixture models that allow all model paramters to "evolve" with respect to a regressor variable like time.

I also collaborate with the Bioinformatics research group and the Wireless research group in the CISE department for some of their research problems that involve modeling and machine learning.


flag Mixture Models for Learning Low-dimensional Roles in High-dimensional Data
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