M. Shahriar Hossain
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I am currently in the PhD program of the Department of CS, Virginia Tech. I was motivated toward Computer Science from my childhood. In my very childhood, I heard from my elder brother that there is a computing machine named "COMPUTER" that can even compute when a person would die. "You have to just tell the machine the person's name and address". ............. Now probably you can imagine that I got my first computer lesson at a too early stage from someone who possessed a vast knowledge on computer !!!

After passing my 12 years of studies (called Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination), I got myself admitted into the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh. It has always kept the fire of determination burning in me and has inspired me against obstacles and hurdles. Right from my childhood, I have yearned to contribute an exemplary part towards the constructive developments of science and technology, for the benefit of my society. I believe that only an intensive study and comprehensive research work in my field of interest would put me on the right track to achieve my goals. With such a belief in mind, I have completed the undergraduate level. My intense focus in my field of study with the aid of the excellent environment provided by my institute of study and lectures by eminent personalities have rendered me with a strong foundation of the concepts and the capacity to build on them. I keenly concentrated on both the theoretical and practical aspects of my subjects. I obtained my B.Sc. Engineering degree in Computer Science & Engineering with "Honours" ranking top of the school as well as the whole university. I was awarded the "Prime Minister's Gold Medal" for the achievement. I completed my MS degree from the Department of CS, Montana State University. I was awarded the Outstanding MS Graduate Researcher from the department.


flag Unifying Dependent Clustering and Disparate Clustering for Non-homogeneous Data
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