Louise Richardson
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Louise Richardson is Executive Dean of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. From 1989 to 2001 she was an Assistant and Associate Professor of Government at Harvard. She has taught courses on international relations, terrorist movements, foreign policy, international security and U.S.-European Relations. She is the author of When Allies Differ: Anglo-American Relations during the Suez and Falklands Crises (1996). She has also published articles on prospect theory in international relations, on British foreign and defense policy, on security institutions, and on international terrorism. Richardson's current research projects involve a study of decision-making inside terrorist movements and a comparative study of state responses to changes in the structural distribution of power in Europe.


flag Religion and Political Violence
as author at  MIT World Series - IAP - Independent Activities Period,
together with: Roger D. Petersen (moderator), Mark Gobin, Heather S. Gregg, David Little, Roger D. Petersen,