László Gáspár
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Laszlo Gaspar works for the Institute for Transport Sciences (KTI) in Budapest, Hungary as a research professor. Besides, he is a full-time university professor in Széchenyi István University, Gy•r. He holds Ph.D., D.Sc. and habilitation degrees. Dr. Gaspar’s 40 year scientific carreer has concentrated on pavement management, pavement condition evaluation, asset management, lifetime engineering and pavement economy. He has been the member of various PIARC technical committees, recently TC 4.1 "Management of Road Infrastructure Assets”. He has more than 300 publications, 75 of them in English, 7 in German. The number of his professional presentations and lectures reaches 290.


flag Road Assessment and Monitoring
as author at  ARCHES and SPENS Final Seminar – Ljubljana,