Kyong Park
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Architect Kyong Park is the founder/director of International Center for Urban Ecology, a nomadic laboratory for future cities, based in Detroit and New York. He was also the founder of Storefront for Art and Architecture, an experimental forum and exhibition space in New York.

Park has focused on the urban crisis of Detroit in recent years, creating several projects including '24620: The Fugitive House', an empty house from Detroit that has been reconstructed in seven cities in Europe so far. He also completed 'Detroit: Making It Better For You', a fictional video about a conspiracy to destroy the city and 'Words, Images and Spaces: A Language For A New City,' installations of words, images and spaces in the near eastside of Detroit.

He is currently co-curator of 'Project Shrinking Cities,' a project that examines the phenomena of depopulation in four developed cities around the world, mapping and critiquing the patterns of exodus, their socio-cultural impetus and impact, and the derelict land left behind.


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flag The University as Patron of Cutting Edge Architecture (Part Two)
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